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Research & Publications

Judicial Selection Methods

The Missouri Law Institute has examined judicial selection methods throughout the country and is currently exploring options to make Missouri’s selection progress stronger, open to the public and non-partisan. 

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Funding our Judiciary 

Missouri continues to face budget shortfalls that impact all functions of state government.  The core functions of government just be supported and the legislature should continue to find methods to adequately fund the needs of the judiciary.  Read More

Juror Pay and the Impact on Judicial Outcomes 

Missouri pays individuals serving on jury duty one of the lowest rates in the country.  To ensure outcomes that are reflective of society we must provide reasonable resources to ensure that working individuals can participate on a jury without it causing a severe financial burden.   Our failure to ensure that we can pay a reasonable fee to jurors frequently leads to jury pools with individuals that are not reflective of our community and State.  The Missouri Law Institute is working to ensure reasonable funding will exist to provide for jurors.  Read More

Judicial Salaries and Benefits Directly Impact Quality of Judiciary

The 2008 report of the Citizens’ Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials stated that:“twenty years ago, of the applicants for judicial vacancies, generally 80% percent came from private practice and 20 percent from public service, including judges prosecutors, public defenders and others.  Testimony indicates that the current applicant pool has more than reversed, as many in private practice cannot afford the financial sacrifice necessary to become a judge”.  The Missouri Law Institute believe that in order to attract private practice attorneys to the bench that will in turn provide well reasoned fact based decisions we must provide benefits and salaries that are commensurate with private practice.  Read More