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Program Development

Speakers Bureau

The Missouri Law Institute Speakers Bureau is designed to target two specific groups.  The first is outreach to the local communities.  This program is designed to utilize local circuit court judges to attend programs in their community from civic organizations to chamber of commerce meetings to discuss the role and value of the court system.  The second is a statewide approach relying on our appellate judges to attend developed speaking engagements to discuss with leaders throughout the state the value of the judicial system and how it will impact their business operations. To request a speaker at your next meeting fill our the speaker request form.

Education Programs

Working with education associations the Missouri Law Institute is developing a education resource for teachers to voluntarily use to educate students on the role of courts in government.  Many schools are no longer providing basic civics course and working in conjunction with our local speakers bureau program the Missouri Law Institute is trying to provide educators with a resource to educate students on the role of the courts.

 Voter Guidebook

The Missouri Law Institute is  working to develop an online voters guide for the general public that will provide vital information about Missouri's judges.  This will be available to all voters and distributed to the media to provide a resource to voters regarding the judges that effect their lives.  The purpose of this activity will be to be an independent voice from the Missouri Bar and will more independently explore the rulings of judges.