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Welcome the Missouri Law Institute

Thank you for visiting the Missouri Law Institute website.  The Missouri Law Institute is a non-profit education foundation dedicated to supporting Missouri’s judicial system and ensuring fair access to all citizens. 

We are working to improve our state’s judicial system through research, education and public outreach.  It is imperative for our state that we have a judiciary that is responsive to all Missourians and the Missouri Law Institute is researching methods to assist the courts in that effort. 

Our judicial system impacts aspects of our personal and professional lives, therefore we should constantly be looking at methods to ensure that our courts have the resources they need to perform their duties.   The Missouri Law Institute is actively examining methods, operations and procedures that will enhance and improve Missouri’s judiciary.

I encourage you to read through our website and learn more about the Missouri Law Institute, our efforts and activities and consider supporting the organization as we work to make Missouri’s courts better.  


Martin Kerckhoff
President, Missouri Law Institute



Judge Mary Russell 

Judge Mary Russell has will serve as the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court.  Judge Russell has served on the Missouri Supreme Court since 2004 and will begin a two year term as Chief Justice on July 1, 2013.  

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